-Yes, it is. As the Medical Institutes in Kyrgyzstan is listed in MCI (Medical Council of India), BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council), PMDC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) or NMC (Nepal Medical Council), etc, therefore, the MBBS degree is completely recognized in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal or Srilanka. Not only that the degree is recognized in other top countries of the world. It means after getting an MBBS degree from Kyrgyzstan, a medical graduate can work even in the USA after clearing USMLE or in the UK by clearing PLAB.

– No, the universities we are recommending do not have the policy of cancellation of studentship. Alternately they have the policy of taking re-exams and various coursework processes.

– There is no number limit for giving screening tests. Until the test is cleared, a medical graduate can give the test again and again.

-Clinical practice is obvious to practice medicine. That’s why we are working with those universities where we know the levels of clinical practice facilities are up to date.

– For medical education, scholarship or financial aid is very rare and limited. Hence, some institutes we are working with provide huge scholarships based on merit and financial supports for extra-curricular activities. Besides IMEC WORLD is also offering special scholarships for their meritorious students.

– Yes, most of the institutes of Kyrgyzstan are Medical Universities that have MS, MD, and Ph.D. in various disciplines of medicine and surgery.

– The medium of education is completely English for foreign students. Though the institutes encourage the students to learn the local speaking language to communicate with the patients there is no obligation to learn the local language at all.

-compare to the standard of living the cost of living in Kyrgyzstan may be the cheapest in the world. In 120 to 150 USD a student can pay the expenses of food, accommodation, etc.



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